Backup and Store Your Files in the Cloud - It Makes so Much Sense

Imagine being able to access ALL your music, photos, videos, emails, files, or documents - ANYWHERE and from ANY DEVICE. Centrally locating all your securely backed up files in the cloud makes a lot more sense, then scattering them across your mobile phone, laptop, pc, work computer, etc.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity - Save ALL the Videos and Photos You Want!
  • 100% Automatic Backup - Select the Files and Folders you want Backed Up
  • Secure and Encrypted - High Level 256 bit Encryption
  • Backup and Access Your Mobile Phone Files - Laptop Files - Computer Files

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Having your files securely and automatically backed up is one of the most important steps you can take. You would never want to lose photos, videos, contacts, phone numbers that you have accumulated over years.
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How it Works

One of the best parts is once you setup the files you want backed up - it works in the background, maintaining a constant backup of your files, which you can then access from any device. Your files are safe and secure.
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