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Online Backups

Free Cloud Backups

Having your files securely and automatically backed up is one of the most important steps you can take. You would never want to lose photos, videos, contacts, phone numbers that you have accumulated over years. Backup today – Signup FREE!

Mobile Access

Increase the Power of Your Phone by the Magnitude of Thousands

You now can access all your files right from your phone! Sometimes the answer to the question is on your office computer – Now you can access those files directly with your phone. Imagine the capabilities of being able to access all your files – right from your phone. Is that cool or what? Turn Your Phone into a Powerhouse – Signup Now – it’s free!

Encrypted and 100% Secure

Your File Protection and Security is Job #1

Regardless of the information contained in your files and folders, you can rest assured that no one can access any of these without your permission. Protection of your files is something we take very very seriously. Get Started Now – Click Here!

Completely Automatic

All Your files will now be Automatically Backed Up

All your files on all your devices will now be at your finger tips. Software in the background keeps your files continuously updated. No need for manual backups (that somehow don’t get done) – Your files are now automatically backed up! What a relief!. Get Backed Up Now! – Click Here!

Synchronize Multiple Devices

Sync Your Mobile Phone – PC – MAC –

Gee, If I just had that information/files that are on my computer at work…or…All I got with me is my phone -sure wish I could access that data that is sitting on my laptop. If it has happened once – it has happened a dozen times…. No more will you have that problem – all files accessible from all devices anywhere -when you want them. It is the perfect solution. Simplify Your Life – Click Here!

Access Files Anywhere

World wide Access

You never know when and where you will need access to your important files and folders. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, work, or traveling across the world – You have immediate access to your files. Think of the time and trouble that will save! World Wide Access – Click Here!

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Unlimited Storage

Backup ALL your Files

You can set your account up for unlimited storage..Have tons of videos – no problem. Have thousands of photos – no problem. Have lot’s of personal or business files – no problem. Whatever your needs – All your files can be backed up. Signup for FREE!

Share Files and Folders

Share your photos and videos with your closest friends

How many times have you wanted to share a photo with just a few people but instead you posted on Facebook…and now the whole world saw them. Now you can allow friends or business associates to view just the photos and files you want them to. It’s like having your own private sharing system. WOW! Easily share family photos – Signup Now!

24/7 Support

HELP ME! Is anyone there?

There is nothing more frustrating then running into a problem and not being able to get help NOW! With your account you will have 24/7 direct access to our helpful and knowledgeable staff. Face it – the best system in the world is no good if you can’t get help when you need it. We are there for you – no matter when you need help! We’re there to Help YOU! – Click Here!

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Discover How convenient a synchronized backup system that you can access anywhere will be. The satisfaction of knowing all your files are backed up AND you can now access them no matter the device or where you are at. Start Simplifying your life today!
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